Top 10 reasons to become an Ultrasound Technician (Part 1)

Ultrasound TechnicianAs anyone who has read some of our other articles on this site can tell you, we think that undertaking a career as an ultrasound technician is a great choice. But that isn’t just our opinion, it’s a proven fact that we back up time and again throughout our posts. For those of you that are new to our site or haven’t yet read our other pieces, here is a summary of the top 10 reasons why you should strongly consider becoming a diagnostic medical sonographer.

1. Helping others in a fulfilling career

We had a tough discussion at the start of this list, what could make it to the top, what do we really think is the most important. There are many reasons to enter a medical career, but the real force behind it should be helping people. Sonography isn’t just a job, your helping people who have a problem, to get better. You can definitely go home at the end of the day feeling better about yourself and what more could you want from a job than that?


Ok so you can want more from a job than that, we all need earn enough to live and eat no matter which career path we choose. That’s where sonography really shines; you get to feel great about yourself while getting a very competitive salary. The average salary current is around $65,000 annually, with some more experienced technicians earning closer to $80,000 per year.  So now you are feeling great and are getting well paid, but we’re not even close to finished yet.

3. Job Security

Ultrasound technicians are highly valued, and highly demanded. Even through the current economic downturn we’re still seeing extremely high growth in the sector. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics has pointed out that by the year 2020 they expect the profession to expand by 44%, that’s 24% more than what is deemed “highly favorable” and equates to around 23,400 new jobs in 8 years. It is very common for sonographers to stay at their place of work for years, even decades at a time. If you like to know your future is secure, diagnostic medical sonography is definitely an area to consider.

4. Responsibility

Sonographers do a lot more than just take images of people. One of the reasons why experienced, skilled technicians are in such demand is because of how important and serious a role they play in diagnoses. Sonographers make real decisions and reports related to the sonograms they take, and provide their expert opinion to the physicians to aid the patient’s diagnosis. The job does require a very high attention to detail and great communication skills, as missing abnormalities on a scan is not an option.

5. Varied Daily Duties

If you’re not interested in the kind of job where you get given the same repetitive daily tasks every day, then number 5 will be a big bonus for you. As mentioned above sonographers do a lot more than just make the ultrasound images. They are involved in diagnosis via the decisions they make while scanning, and the reports they give to the physician afterwards. They are also involved in maintaining the ultrasound machine itself, alongside proving quality customer service to the patient and maintaining patient records. It is also common to be involved in administration such as appointment making and archiving images, with some more experienced sonographers also having managerial responsibilities.

As you can see there are very persuasive benefits to entering a career as an ultrasound technician, and this is just half of our planned list! The next post in this planned mini-series will finish the list and if you’re not already convinced about which potential career you plan to enter, we’ll hopefully be able to help you to make the correct decision for your future.

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