Top 10 Reasons to Become an Ultrasound Technician (Part 2)

Ultrasound Throat ScanThis is the 2nd of a 2 part mini-series of the top 10 reasons to become an ultrasound technician. If you are new to the series and would like to read the whole article please read part 1 first.

As talked about in our previous post, we deem becoming an ultrasound technician one of the best career choices you can currently make. We went over the salary benefits, job security advantages and personal fulfillment reasons that make this career path a great one to explore; however we had a difficult time choosing between just 5 points. Due to this we have this 2nd part of the article that allows us to expand and explain some other interesting facets of the job.

6. Work in an innovative environment of constantly evolving opportunities

If variety is the spice of life, sonographers must work in a curry house. The job itself relies on cutting edge technology, and as with anything related to technology, it is rapidly evolving and improving both in terms of equipment and technical procedures. As seen with the invention of <a href=””>3 and 4 dimensional ultrasound</a>, these new procedures can provide extensive advantages even beyond better diagnosis.

It has been repeatedly proven for instance that providing mothers with a 3D ultrasound can actually aid bonding between parent and child. While new uses for these technologies are still being thought of, other innovative ideas are already moving forwards.

For instance recently mobile phones have been used as part of a remote ultrasound scanning package where, miles from any hospital or laboratory, sonographers were able to scan a patient and send the information back to a central processing hub for examination. There are many advantages for technology such as this, from lowering the cost of equipment to simply enabling easier scanning, as the sonographer can focus on the patient scan without having to worry about identifying issues on the image simultaneously.

As with any rapidly advancing career, it is highly important that a sonographer undergoes regular ultrasound training programs in order to stay up to date with the latest procedures and advances in order to provide the best quality patient care. If you love learning new things, this job will provide just the solution to scratch that itch.

7. Keep fit

One quite surprising advantage of becoming an ultrasound technician is that you get to stay in shape. It is not something that most people would associate with a sonographer, getting a lot of exercise at work, but it is a key component of the sonography role. In fact in the course guidance given to anyone investigating studying in the area, the prerequisites are listed as needing to lift 50 pounds routinely, push and pull the ultrasound machine, help patients onto and off examination table, have full use of both hands and be able to bend and stoop.

If the idea of sitting at an office desk doesn’t appeal to you as you like to keep active and exercise to keep fit, you can happily tick that off your check list.

8. Choice of specializations

During training and throughout a career, a sonographer will focus on one of several specializations. They do this so that the training they receive can be more detailed and in depth about that region of the body, so that the technician doesn’t miss anything that could be important during a scan. Due to the high level of responsibility associated with sonography it is a strategic choice they make not to be a jack of all trades.

This specialization is a personal choice and it is recommended that each student chooses the one they feel most attracted to, and suits their individual style. The specializations vary across the entire breadth of the human body, from the brain and neurosonology to abdominal and obstetrics (pregnancy) alongside many more. We have more detailed information on the different specializations available in an earlier post.

It is never nice to feel pressured or forced into a certain area or aspect of a career that you do not like or are uncomfortable with. This choice allows the sonographer as an individual to stay in charge of their own career path and future, which for us is a very big plus.

9. Great opportunity for advancement

The promotion prospects in the area of sonography are great. We have already discussed the expected growth in the industry until the year 2020. Growth creates more jobs, and more people to manage. It is not unusual for experienced sonographers to advance and take on managerial responsibilities. In fact due to the desire for hospitals and physician offices to keep hold of good sonographers, they realize that providing a route for ambitious workers is a necessity.

10. Flexible path to qualify

Diagnostic medical sonography is a great path to take if you would like to enter a medical career, but dislike the standard idea of studying for 4-6 years to attain certification. The route for an ultrasound technician can vary from a relatively short 1-2 year course up to 4 years to obtain a full Bachelor’s Degree.

While this can seem to contradict my earlier statements about the complex and highly skilled, responsible job that this is, it’s because these courses are designed to be a more vocational training. They have been distilled down so they teach you current, active, modern procedures and techniques that you will use on a daily basis. These are not theoretical courses that you may never use again.

After the initial training it is usual to undergo an internship for 1-2 years so that you can gain paid direct word experience training under the eye of a currently practicing sonographer. You can read more about this subject on one of our previous articles.

That completes our 10 top reasons to become an ultrasound technician. Although I can’t promise not to get excited over this subject again and post a few more reasons one day…

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